How To Keep Fountain Water Clean?

How do you keep algae from growing in a fountain?

Regular maintenance of your fountain can help prevent algae growth.

  • Clean the fountain thoroughly every one to three months, depending on the size of your fountain.
  • Place the fountain in a shady location.
  • Fill the fountain with fresh water.
  • Add a preventative measure to the water.

How do I keep my fountain water clean naturally?

Take your fountain apart and clean each surface using soap and hot water and allow to air dry before reassembling. Wipe down the fountain with distilled white vinegar or a solution of 1 cup of bleach per gallon of water before soaping and rinsing the fountain. Rinse bleach thoroughly.

Will vinegar kill algae in Fountain?

A solution of diluted bleach with one part bleach to nine parts water can help kill and prevent algae. Another option is to use a mix of white vinegar and water. Vinegar is safe and is effective on algae. Rinse the fountain thoroughly after cleaning it.

Can I put bleach in my water fountain?

Use Chlorine Only If Needed.

Fountain pumps aren’t designed to work with concentrated levels of chlorine, but if an algae bloom won’t die down, add 1/4 cup of chlorine bleach for every 5 gallons of water, and run the pump overnight so it circulates long enough to disinfect the entire system.

Do copper pennies prevent algae?

Over time a birdbath can slowly have algae grow in it. However, copper pennies in bird bath may help you solve this problem. Copper has biostatic properties that makes it incompatible with algae. However, it does not ensure a 100% algae-free and bacteria-free bird bath.

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Can you put vinegar in a water fountain?

Add Vinegar To Your Fountain

It’s true that vinegar has a somewhat pungent odor, but this odor will quickly dissipate, leaving your fountain fresh and clean. To quickly clean and freshen your indoor water fountain, add a cup or two of filtered white apple cider vinegar.

Should I leave my water fountain on all the time?

Frequently turning the fountain on and off isn’t good for the pump and should be avoided. Keep your new fountain running all of the time for optimal performance and functionality.

What naturally kills algae?

Barley straw will slowly kill algae naturally as it rots. If you have a pond or body of water you want to keep free of algae, try tossing a small bale of barley straw into it. You can also use creatures that naturally eat algae to kill it.

Do you leave water feature on all the time?

Auto-fill fountains should be left on pretty much all the time. If you have a glass, mirror, or metal fountain and turn it off, we recommend that you use a good squeegee to remove drops of water rather than letting them dry on the fountain.