Top foods you should use organic daily

Nowadays people are popular with organic food because they believe that it is grown without pesticides. However, not all people afford budget to buy organic food because their price is higher than normal food. Further it can’t be kept a long time so someone think it is inconvenient.

The truth that organic food is safer than normal food. Organic food is a good achievement of technology and scientist to boost the human life better. If your budget is limited, I share top food you should use organic kind. Others, you can continue to use normal food instead.

1/ Strawberry

To grow strawberries well, farmers have to use other types of pesticides like synthetic bug-killing chemicals. Some report indicates that one strawberry cover about 22 different pesticides. It is illegal to be applied for food.

This number is terrible. So you should not use non-organic strawberry.

2/ Kale and spinach

As common sense, kale and spinach contain unhealthy pesticide residues. One research points out that a kale sample has about 17 different pesticides. Although kale and spinach is good for health, especially for skin and fresh emotion.

3/ Chicken

Non-organic chickens are often raised in small and tight spaces so it’s easy to cause health problems for these chickens as well people who eat them.

Furthermore, to promote growth fast, farmers usually use antibiotics while they are prohibited to use for resistance health food in the human.

4/ Milk

Milk is a popular food for both children and adults. We drink it daily to get more energy. But the fact that, farmers use a growth hormone for cows to boost their growth faster and faster. This hormone is called a full name like bovine growth hormone. This hormone causes harmful health problems for cows like udder infections, antibiotic resistance. So it will directly affect to their product. It is milk. We need to be careful for choose organic milk for family