Top 20 things you maybe not know about organic food [PART 1]

Nowadays organic food become popular and familiar to many families. We usually listen some news from radio or TV show that using organic food is good for health and spirit. But I assure that there are huge source of information you have not yet known about organic food.

Before you decide to use organic or natural foods, let it see top 20 things you maybe not understand about organic food as the following article:

1/ “Organic” isn’t a new idea

Hundreds of year ago, all crops were organic. From growing plant, fruit tree until breeding cattle and poultry, people used natural origin without imposing synthetic pesticides and chemicals.

Accompanied with fast economic development speed, we gradually use more chemicals to nourish them well. When people have worried about the badly long-term effects to our health, our planet and our resources, people intend to use organic food as the best way to protect themselves.

2/ Organic isn’t just for the rich

Someone suppose that organic food is extremely expensive so they can’t afford to use it often. Especially people have low salary.

Based on real benefits from organic food as well encourage the local to use it more and more, some manufacture and the Government have non-profit policy to help everyone access organic food every week, even every day. Thanks it, the local can buy affordable, sustainable food as their demand.

3/ 78% of USA families use organic food as daily habit

It can’t doubt about almost the American prefer to choose organic food ever day to instead traditional food.

It’s easy to explain about this phenomenon because USA own the advanced resident. They invest their budget to protect their next generation as well themselves. In addition, they feel responsibility and rights to keep the nature safer and safer.