Process to make organic sugar

Sugar is one of the most commonly used spices. However, in front of the matrices of common names such as “sugar”, “common sugar”, “organic sugar” confused housewife. They do not know what to choose to ensure the good health¬†of the family.

Unlike other organic foods, the process of producing organic sugars is different from conventional sugar. In particular, the whole process ensures there are no synthetic chemicals or artificial compounds or additives.

There is a line of equipment and workshops that meet the requirements of food safety regulations when producing organic food. For packaging products must be capable of recycling, biodegradation, especially friendly to the environment. Especially, the packaging of organic sugar products does not contain any disinfectants or residues of chemicals and does not affect the quality of the products.

The process of organic sugar production begins with the use of organic sugar cane material that is washed, chopped and crushed to extract sugar cane juice. Next, the juice is boiled, rotated through the machine and dried into crystal sugar. Next, remove the molasses (a dark brown liquid in sugar cane juice) with steam to keep the crystal. As a result, the organic sugar product is light brown and contains all the nutrients such as iron, calcium, vitamin B6, chromium.

Meanwhile, conventional sugar production processes can use lime and sulfur dioxide is used to remove impurities and sometimes leave a small amount of sulfur in the production process. Not only that, in order to make the sugar more white, the production process also relies on the help of activated carbon or other toxic coal. Right after that, to remove the molasses also need to extract two times to help white sugar.

As a result, the most distinctive of organic and conventional sugar production processes can be seen. Specifically, the process normally produces higher purity refined sugar, up to 99.99% purity – indicating “clean”. On the other hand, which is labeled “contaminated”, organic sugar is composed of minerals that have not been removed, all of which are good for the body.