List of organic food for health

Organic food means food is friendly with the earth. Organic regulations focus on farming to produce food without risking of food contamination and with increasing food quality

Here is list of organic fruits and vegetables to bring more benefit for your health

1, Strawberries

It supplies more vitamin C, E for your body. But it is on top the list of the most pesticide-contaminated food. A research pointed out that more than 90 percent of sampled tested are positive for at least two kind of pesticides. So buying organic strawberries is reasonable

2, Spinach

As Western meal, spinach is great in salad. Your salad will lack of some special taste without spinach. Eating spinach without cooking is easily harmful to health

You should buy organic spinach to be against pesticides, especially permethrin (as well a known neurotoxin). You can choose spinach in fresh or frozen. It’s ready to be sold on many grocery stores

3, Kale

According to a report, more than 92 percent of kale samples tested are positive with two or more pesticide residues. It is really dangerous to eat kale

Actually, nature of kale is useful and good for health. So, choosing organic kale can reduce anxiety about pesticides in it

4, Apples

It is kind of a thin peel fruit so pesticides can easily immerse the peel to the flesh. One of pesticide in apple is diphenylamine which is prevented to use for fruit in Europe

As expert advises that we should eat an apple a day to reduce cancer and anti-aging. It’s the best way to choose organic apples instead of normal apples

5, Grapes

The report concluded that more than 96 percent of all samples tested are positive with at least one pesticide. Grapes is also a thin peep fruit as apple. So, to avoid danger from normal food, let it choose organic grapes