Pros of Organic Meat

No matter how you eat, meat is an indispensable ingredient for daily meals, besides nutritious food like vegetable, fruit, egg, or fiber. Meat supports to provide vitamin and energy for body so it boost your brain active faster and effectively.

Organic meat, both certified organic and non-certified organic has several pros than traditional meat. This article will discuss benefits of eating organic meat daily.

Pesticide Avoidance

You are surprising why meat can relate to pesticide. As consequence of traditional meat, farmers use food for animal or lands to feed animal covered by smell of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. By indirect way, traditional meat is affected by pesticide.

While organic meat is clearly required about production process like prohibiting the use of pesticide as around the land to feed animal at least three years prior to harvest. Furthermore, all source of material and food are carefully checked by the Government before using for animal.

Therefore, by eating organic meat, you consume far fewer pesticides that can directly affect your health.

Nutritional Benefits

Some claims that organic meat is more nutritious than traditional food with reasons like: improved nutritional value in organic meat or it provides higher level of antioxidants, vitamin C and phenolic than others.

The fact that investigating whether organic meat brings more nutritional benefits or not is responsible for the expert. But it is still contentious. The American Council of Science and Health agreed but the Organic Trade Association or Organic Consumers Association refused this opinion. Actually, as a normal consumer, you can feel a little change when using organic meat. Some people feel fresh and more delicious with organic meat. Further, emotion to enjoy meals with organic food is happier and relaxing. It’s difficult to explain words by words. However, when you feel safe and reliable source of good food, you should use it more.

Organic meat with non-organic meat- which food is better?

Studies indicate that using organic fruits and vegetables is good to avoid ingesting dangerous chemicals and to reach more nutritional value. Actually, organic brings great benefits for health. But about organic meat still makes confusing whether it is good or not. Even studies are still kind of murky about organic meat and non-organic meat.

So this article makes clear about concept and role of above two kinds. Knowing what do you buy and whether organic meat is worth to you or not. Follow our analysis.

What is organic meat?

Organic meat including pork, poultry, eggs and dairy products come from animals not given with antibiotics or growth hormones. They are fed in strict environment about food resources without using conventional pesticides, fertilizers, bio-engineering or ionizing radiation.

To recognize that meat is organic or not, the government will inspect the farm where the food is grown. All organic meats have to reach organic standard and certificate before getting it to local supermarket.

Organic meat is not completely good for animals

When animal is sick, he is on worse health condition than others which live freely and normally. They are not permitted to use antibiotics so his disease becomes more dangerous and risky. But the rule is applied for standard condition of organic, farmer has no way to cure or protect animals.

Unfortunately, feeding animal in organic standard has drawback about life of animals. It seems opposite to studies that improvements have been made the human and animals a better life.

Compared between organic and non-organic meats

The fact that to prove a meat is organic, it has to get certification and organic label. The cost seems expensive. Further, farmers waste more money in using organic food for animal. Especially, animals are easy to be died because of lacking antibiotics to heal their livestock. The budget for organic meat is higher than non-organic food.

So, need to consider carefully before decision for using organic meat or not

What is benefit of organic foods?

According to expert’s definition, organic food means foods re grown without the use of pesticides. Pesticides comprise fertilizers, sewage sludge or irradiation to kill insects and fungal pests and protect crops more developing

Organic foods divide into 2 types: organic produce and organic meat. They have standard requirement to be regarded as organic foods

Recently, organic foods are popular with people in the world, especially the developed country who have enough budget to invest healthy foods. So, what is benefit of organic food to attract all walk of lives. Here is main benefit from organic foods you should know before using it

1st benefit: it supplies more beneficial nutrients than non-organic foods

As professional production line, organic foods are grown in strict environment. Farmer cares about loving as well as mental and emotional health of foods. So, it grows up faster and effectively. Research proves that antioxidants appear more in organic food than normal food. When using it, people whom are allergic to foods, chemicals or preservatives feel symptoms reduce or disappear

2nd benefit: it is better for your health

Actually, organic produce don’t use or limit pesticides. Pesticides are chemicals. Sometimes farmers harvest crop as soon as using chemicals so that it keep crops fresher and longer. By indirect way, chemicals will immerse our body. Gradually, they collect and develop disease.

It means using organic foods to limit pesticides to affect body

3rd benefit: it is fresher

Of course because it is not permitted to contain preservatives. It’s enough condition to call it as organic foods

4th benefit: It is better for your living environment

Farming without pesticides helps to reduce soil erosion, protect water source and reduce pollution. It is also the best way to make the fresh environment for animals and people whom live near farming. The fact that farming with organic food contributes to conserve and develop our life and our generation better and better