Organic food and the benefit of eating them

At present, organic food stores are built a lot in cities. So what is organic food? And why do people tend to use this food? Let’s find out!

Organic foods are divided into two categories: plants and animals. The common feature of this type of food is that they require a the careful, sophisticated, exquisite  process of growing or feeding.

Moreover, vegetables and fruits are grown by natural fertilizers (organic fertilizers), pest control by traditional handicrafts.

Meat, eggs, milk:  go through a food chain, animals are fed organic vegetables, GMO food are not involved in this food chain. They aren’t pushed to grow faster by injecting medicine into their bodies. Famers prevent animal disease by natural medicine and they are often let eating grass in the wild.

Why should you choose organic food?

The freshness of the product

Food is fresher because the product can only be sold in a short time, not so long because it does not contain preservatives. Therefore,  food will quickly deteriorate if they are kept for a long time. Moreover, because of the freshness, vitamin and mineral nutrient content is also 15% higher than that of other kind of foods.

Safe for our children health

By using organic foods, you will reduce the risk of children suffering from food poisoning of certain toxins from pesticides that affect children future development. According to a study in the United States, more than 80% of the phosphorus in our bodies is found from foods that contain pesticides. Therefore, organic food will ensure that our children will develop safely and healthily.

Improve immune system

If normal food is injected GMOs, organic foods say no to GMO. This is also the reason why organic foods help protecting your immune system and assure a good health for members in your beloved family.

Protection of cardiovascular health

Animals fed on organic standards will be grazed in the grasslands, which increases the amount of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) in animal products. This beneficial fatty acid is an essential nutrient that protects the heart and is also commonly found in breast milk.