Development of Organic Food

Origin of organic food

Organic foods started to come intention in 1960s when human people were aware of abusing pesticides in agriculture. The chemical was out of control for using to crop production. Some scientist found out that some toxic pesticides were enough to be banned entirely but they are publicized globally. For example case of DDT in the 1970s.

In urgent case about food safety, several researches have been carried out with purpose reducing pesticides in farming but still boosting development fast. Because agricultural production had to meet global food needs when the population growth increased dramatically.

From these above situations, organic food have been come out as a good solution.

What does organic food mean?

Organic food does not have any exact definition internationally because each nation have unique minimum requirements about food called organic. Generally, we can summarize that organic food, including vegetables, fruit, grains, dairy and meat are the result of farming system without using man-made fertilizer, pesticides, growth regulator and livestock feed additives. It means organic food are completely natural and clear.

Organic food is good or not?

Based on scientist’s analysis, organic food is a method of production nowadays. It can meet the demand and the trend in consumption food choices.

Actually, organic food is good or not? It is still hot topic discussing on all over the forum or articles.

Organic food may contain more nutritious and less toxic. Many consumer choose to buy organic food to avoid or reduce using artificial chemicals directly. Researches points out that eating organic foods helps your exposure to limit pesticide residues and antibiotic-resistant bacteria. So, obviously that it’s better for health.

Some people don’t like using organic food for their meals because production of these products has been proven that it is not be good for the environment. Also reported that organic food had a direct impact on the climate change.

Organic food- good or bad?

Nowadays, more and more organic foods are appearing around our lives. It is praised with many benefits which is good for health.

According to many reports from doctors, organic food is one of the greatest invention for people. All organic animal products and organic food make us healthier than conventional products.

Actually, not all organic food are good. Is it a difficult question for everyone that should we use organic food instead of traditional food? With more information from this analysis, you can find the answer for your own family whether it is better or not.

What it is better

Studied that organic food is not produced or directly used by chemical pesticides and fertilizers, so it does not include any elements of toxic chemicals. So using organic good will be badly not affected to human health by the harmful ways.

Controlling disease and pest helps us to produce food and animal safer, healthier and smellier. Then leading to nourishing a better living for human life.

Another benefit is increasing antioxidant content for overall health. By a lot of scientific studies, doctors confirm that using organic food brings positively impacts for antioxidants.

You also can reduce the risks in immune system strength because quality of organic foods are not completely changed.

What it is not better

Cost is a big problem for customers when using organic food because it has as twice as or more three times price than traditional food. They need to invest farming more time and labor intensive strict requirements, so the price is reasonable. But not at all can buy it in their affordability.

Lifespan of organic food is shorter because it is not allowed treating by preservatives, waxes or other chemicals. It is also a problem for both seller and buyer related to transportation or kind of customers.