The difference between organic chicken eggs and industrial chicken eggs

In the market today there are hundreds of types of chicken eggs from different farms. Because of concerns about the quality of eggs, many consumers began to choose to buy organic chicken eggs – eggs from organic chickens that are raised under special methods.
At first glance, organic chicken eggs do not have any other characteristics than other common white-shell eggs. However, the internal characteristics bring about differences. Let’s find out together.

1. Chicken breeds for eggs

These chickens are fed organic food (rice, corn …) fermented by Japan’s E.M. At organic farms, chickens live in a clean environment inside a closed enclosure, cleaned periodically.
Organic chickens absolutely do not use antibiotics, growth stimulants or other stimulants, help chickens live healthily and clean with disease.

2. Quality yolk
Organic chicken eggs have more yolk than regular eggs. The yolk is dark orange (the darker the egg has more nutrients). Eggs are also much more condense than regular eggs.

3. Rich in nutrients

Organic chicken eggs have been known to contain more nutrients than regular eggs. Compared to regular chicken eggs, organic chicken eggs have a higher content of Protein and Omega-3, but have a significantly lower cholesterol content.

4. Easy to digest
For normal eggs, if you eat more than 2 eggs, you will often have bloating. However, for organic chicken eggs, people can eat up to 4-5 eggs in one meal.

5. Different flavors

According to many consumers, organic chicken eggs taste better than regular chicken eggs, making dishes with eggs become more delicious, tasty and attractive.

What is the effect of organic chicken eggs?

-Good sources of vitamins A, D, E, B1, B6, B12 and calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc supplements for the body. Vitamin D is an essential micronutrient to consume calcium and maintain bone health
– Abundant protein sources and acids are essential for the immune system. Organic eggs have an anti-aging effect, enhancing muscle toughness
– Organic egg lecithin works in digestion, supports liver activity, limits the risk of arterial blockage caused by cholesterol.