Organic foods starting with dairy products

Nowadays, people tend to use organic products, and dairy products are among the best choices to start with, thanks to its cheap price and environment-friendly production.

The Organic September  is the biggest campaign in the UK to promote the organic productions in farms and boost the welfare as well as the environment quality. In the past, organic foods are only made for rich people, with mostly luxurious dishes and through a complicated process of production. Meanwhile, with the misunderstanding of people about the foods, many think that the kind of food are difficult to find. However, nowadays a lot of people have realized that organic foods only need a natural production.

With the organic dairy system, farmers make a third less amount of milk than the normal non-organic farming. However, the difficulty goes along with the quality. The organic milk contains 1/2 more amount of fatty acids typed omega 3. This is an essential substance which protect us from heart-related diseases and dementia..

Raw milk is milk which does not go through the heat treatment to kill bacteria, so it is also full of nutrients and good properties. There is only a step needed before consuming the organic raw milk. It is the check of milk quality to be free of E coli and salmonella. To get raw milk, you should go directly to the farms and buy it there.

Cows now can produces 93% more milk than in 1975. In order to reach the productivity, there must be some methods to be used on those cows, which we cannot ensure the healthy, sustainable and humane methods for all farms. As the result, most cows cannot live as long as before because of that. Normally, every cow only reach the high production for 3 years. After that, they are transferred to be slaughtered. Calves need to be born every year, and they are taken away after one or two days old so that their mothers can provide milk for human consumption.

With organic standards for raising cows, we can consume the dairy products after a more humane process. Cows can live a longer, healthier and happier life.