Top 20 things you maybe not know about organic food [PART 1]

Nowadays organic food become popular and familiar to many families. We usually listen some news from radio or TV show that using organic food is good for health and spirit. But I assure that there are huge source of information you have not yet known about organic food.

Before you decide to use organic or natural foods, let it see top 20 things you maybe not understand about organic food as the following article:

1/ “Organic” isn’t a new idea

Hundreds of year ago, all crops were organic. From growing plant, fruit tree until breeding cattle and poultry, people used natural origin without imposing synthetic pesticides and chemicals.

Accompanied with fast economic development speed, we gradually use more chemicals to nourish them well. When people have worried about the badly long-term effects to our health, our planet and our resources, people intend to use organic food as the best way to protect themselves.

2/ Organic isn’t just for the rich

Someone suppose that organic food is extremely expensive so they can’t afford to use it often. Especially people have low salary.

Based on real benefits from organic food as well encourage the local to use it more and more, some manufacture and the Government have non-profit policy to help everyone access organic food every week, even every day. Thanks it, the local can buy affordable, sustainable food as their demand.

3/ 78% of USA families use organic food as daily habit

It can’t doubt about almost the American prefer to choose organic food ever day to instead traditional food.

It’s easy to explain about this phenomenon because USA own the advanced resident. They invest their budget to protect their next generation as well themselves. In addition, they feel responsibility and rights to keep the nature safer and safer.

Organic meat with non-organic meat- which food is better?

Studies indicate that using organic fruits and vegetables is good to avoid ingesting dangerous chemicals and to reach more nutritional value. Actually, organic brings great benefits for health. But about organic meat still makes confusing whether it is good or not. Even studies are still kind of murky about organic meat and non-organic meat.

So this article makes clear about concept and role of above two kinds. Knowing what do you buy and whether organic meat is worth to you or not. Follow our analysis.

What is organic meat?

Organic meat including pork, poultry, eggs and dairy products come from animals not given with antibiotics or growth hormones. They are fed in strict environment about food resources without using conventional pesticides, fertilizers, bio-engineering or ionizing radiation.

To recognize that meat is organic or not, the government will inspect the farm where the food is grown. All organic meats have to reach organic standard and certificate before getting it to local supermarket.

Organic meat is not completely good for animals

When animal is sick, he is on worse health condition than others which live freely and normally. They are not permitted to use antibiotics so his disease becomes more dangerous and risky. But the rule is applied for standard condition of organic, farmer has no way to cure or protect animals.

Unfortunately, feeding animal in organic standard has drawback about life of animals. It seems opposite to studies that improvements have been made the human and animals a better life.

Compared between organic and non-organic meats

The fact that to prove a meat is organic, it has to get certification and organic label. The cost seems expensive. Further, farmers waste more money in using organic food for animal. Especially, animals are easy to be died because of lacking antibiotics to heal their livestock. The budget for organic meat is higher than non-organic food.

So, need to consider carefully before decision for using organic meat or not

Top 4 disadvantages of using organic food

Organic foods including vegetables, fruits, fish and meats are popular and used every day. Almost consumer believe that organic foods are good and safe for health because they are grown naturally or through organic farming or not processed. Further, it is also friendly with the environment. But nothing is completely perfect. Organic food has still maintained some disadvantages. Here is top 4 outstanding disadvantages of using organic food. So you should consider carefully before making a decision.

1/ Costing for organic food is expensive

Made high standards for organic food is grown without any pesticides and herbicides so food will be developed energetically and strongly. Farmers need to use extra manual labor and increase costs for farming. Thus they have only way to sell their organic products at a higher price. Even it is three or four as expensive as the non-organic food.

To use fully organic food for all meals in a day can be out of your budget. You should carefully consider which organic food is prior than others.

2/ Organic food is not more available than traditional food

Origin from customer’s limitation, organic food is not available in food store, markets or super markets like the traditional food. So it takes a long time to order or find an organic store.

3/ Span life of organic food is shorter than traditional food

Actually, organic foods are easy to be spoiled spoil because it has no preservatives. So you should care about date of expiration to avoid being wasted food.

4/ Organic food needs a lot effort in the future

Explained above about being spent more cost for producing organic food, it requires a lot of hard work and some bad cases, the results bring low productivity. In the future, there should be more investigations or deeper efforts to reach better results.

Development of Organic Food

Origin of organic food

Organic foods started to come intention in 1960s when human people were aware of abusing pesticides in agriculture. The chemical was out of control for using to crop production. Some scientist found out that some toxic pesticides were enough to be banned entirely but they are publicized globally. For example case of DDT in the 1970s.

In urgent case about food safety, several researches have been carried out with purpose reducing pesticides in farming but still boosting development fast. Because agricultural production had to meet global food needs when the population growth increased dramatically.

From these above situations, organic food have been come out as a good solution.

What does organic food mean?

Organic food does not have any exact definition internationally because each nation have unique minimum requirements about food called organic. Generally, we can summarize that organic food, including vegetables, fruit, grains, dairy and meat are the result of farming system without using man-made fertilizer, pesticides, growth regulator and livestock feed additives. It means organic food are completely natural and clear.

Organic food is good or not?

Based on scientist’s analysis, organic food is a method of production nowadays. It can meet the demand and the trend in consumption food choices.

Actually, organic food is good or not? It is still hot topic discussing on all over the forum or articles.

Organic food may contain more nutritious and less toxic. Many consumer choose to buy organic food to avoid or reduce using artificial chemicals directly. Researches points out that eating organic foods helps your exposure to limit pesticide residues and antibiotic-resistant bacteria. So, obviously that it’s better for health.

Some people don’t like using organic food for their meals because production of these products has been proven that it is not be good for the environment. Also reported that organic food had a direct impact on the climate change.

The Trend To Eat Organic

Advantages of eating organic food

Organic food is extremely popular with many benefits for health. Some report said that organic food is healthier than conventional food. So consuming organic food has been risen recently.

Although scientific research has still negotiated about pros and cons of organic food, we can’t deny completely advantages of eating more organic food. Here is brief about benefits of organic food for health. Hope you fully understand and decide to use organic food or not.

1/ Antioxidant Capacity

Some studies have been admitted that using organic good gives better effects of antioxidants. Explained that organic food is not used chemicals so eating organic fruits and vegetables can prevent premature aging, vision problems and cognitive malfunction.

2/Pesticide Reduction

Organic food- good or bad?

Organic food says no with pesticide reduction. It is tested and grown up in tight environment to sure that all organic food are good for health. So many people prefer to use organic food because they believe that it’s safe and unaffected by the toxins of the world. Their lives are better and longer.

3/ Heart Health

By regulation of organic animal mode, it can increase the amounts of CLA which is fatty acid with good heart health. So it helps to protect cardiovascular well.

4/ Immune System Boost

Antibiotics to feed animals can weaken immune system when they are used over. Then customers eat these animals, they also indirectly affect to antibiotics.

While organic food farmers don’t use antibiotics in their processes, it is safer for your health.

5/ Better Taste

Some people fully think that organic food has better tastes than conventional food.

Because they believe that method production organic food is professional and high-technological. It seems fresh and delicious without food preservatives.

6/ Overall Health

It is clearly explained that organic food has no chemical fertilizers or strong chemicals. So it can’t affect health or body in negative ways.

Organic food- good or bad?

Nowadays, more and more organic foods are appearing around our lives. It is praised with many benefits which is good for health.

According to many reports from doctors, organic food is one of the greatest invention for people. All organic animal products and organic food make us healthier than conventional products.

Actually, not all organic food are good. Is it a difficult question for everyone that should we use organic food instead of traditional food? With more information from this analysis, you can find the answer for your own family whether it is better or not.

What it is better

Studied that organic food is not produced or directly used by chemical pesticides and fertilizers, so it does not include any elements of toxic chemicals. So using organic good will be badly not affected to human health by the harmful ways.

Controlling disease and pest helps us to produce food and animal safer, healthier and smellier. Then leading to nourishing a better living for human life.

Another benefit is increasing antioxidant content for overall health. By a lot of scientific studies, doctors confirm that using organic food brings positively impacts for antioxidants.

You also can reduce the risks in immune system strength because quality of organic foods are not completely changed.

What it is not better

Cost is a big problem for customers when using organic food because it has as twice as or more three times price than traditional food. They need to invest farming more time and labor intensive strict requirements, so the price is reasonable. But not at all can buy it in their affordability.

Lifespan of organic food is shorter because it is not allowed treating by preservatives, waxes or other chemicals. It is also a problem for both seller and buyer related to transportation or kind of customers.

List of organic food for health

Organic food means food is friendly with the earth. Organic regulations focus on farming to produce food without risking of food contamination and with increasing food quality

Here is list of organic fruits and vegetables to bring more benefit for your health

1, Strawberries

It supplies more vitamin C, E for your body. But it is on top the list of the most pesticide-contaminated food. A research pointed out that more than 90 percent of sampled tested are positive for at least two kind of pesticides. So buying organic strawberries is reasonable

2, Spinach

As Western meal, spinach is great in salad. Your salad will lack of some special taste without spinach. Eating spinach without cooking is easily harmful to health

You should buy organic spinach to be against pesticides, especially permethrin (as well a known neurotoxin). You can choose spinach in fresh or frozen. It’s ready to be sold on many grocery stores

3, Kale

According to a report, more than 92 percent of kale samples tested are positive with two or more pesticide residues. It is really dangerous to eat kale

Actually, nature of kale is useful and good for health. So, choosing organic kale can reduce anxiety about pesticides in it

4, Apples

It is kind of a thin peel fruit so pesticides can easily immerse the peel to the flesh. One of pesticide in apple is diphenylamine which is prevented to use for fruit in Europe

As expert advises that we should eat an apple a day to reduce cancer and anti-aging. It’s the best way to choose organic apples instead of normal apples

5, Grapes

The report concluded that more than 96 percent of all samples tested are positive with at least one pesticide. Grapes is also a thin peep fruit as apple. So, to avoid danger from normal food, let it choose organic grapes

What is benefit of organic foods?

According to expert’s definition, organic food means foods re grown without the use of pesticides. Pesticides comprise fertilizers, sewage sludge or irradiation to kill insects and fungal pests and protect crops more developing

Organic foods divide into 2 types: organic produce and organic meat. They have standard requirement to be regarded as organic foods

Recently, organic foods are popular with people in the world, especially the developed country who have enough budget to invest healthy foods. So, what is benefit of organic food to attract all walk of lives. Here is main benefit from organic foods you should know before using it

1st benefit: it supplies more beneficial nutrients than non-organic foods

As professional production line, organic foods are grown in strict environment. Farmer cares about loving as well as mental and emotional health of foods. So, it grows up faster and effectively. Research proves that antioxidants appear more in organic food than normal food. When using it, people whom are allergic to foods, chemicals or preservatives feel symptoms reduce or disappear

2nd benefit: it is better for your health

Actually, organic produce don’t use or limit pesticides. Pesticides are chemicals. Sometimes farmers harvest crop as soon as using chemicals so that it keep crops fresher and longer. By indirect way, chemicals will immerse our body. Gradually, they collect and develop disease.

It means using organic foods to limit pesticides to affect body

3rd benefit: it is fresher

Of course because it is not permitted to contain preservatives. It’s enough condition to call it as organic foods

4th benefit: It is better for your living environment

Farming without pesticides helps to reduce soil erosion, protect water source and reduce pollution. It is also the best way to make the fresh environment for animals and people whom live near farming. The fact that farming with organic food contributes to conserve and develop our life and our generation better and better

Organic foods starting with dairy products

Nowadays, people tend to use organic products, and dairy products are among the best choices to start with, thanks to its cheap price and environment-friendly production.

The Organic September  is the biggest campaign in the UK to promote the organic productions in farms and boost the welfare as well as the environment quality. In the past, organic foods are only made for rich people, with mostly luxurious dishes and through a complicated process of production. Meanwhile, with the misunderstanding of people about the foods, many think that the kind of food are difficult to find. However, nowadays a lot of people have realized that organic foods only need a natural production.

With the organic dairy system, farmers make a third less amount of milk than the normal non-organic farming. However, the difficulty goes along with the quality. The organic milk contains 1/2 more amount of fatty acids typed omega 3. This is an essential substance which protect us from heart-related diseases and dementia..

Raw milk is milk which does not go through the heat treatment to kill bacteria, so it is also full of nutrients and good properties. There is only a step needed before consuming the organic raw milk. It is the check of milk quality to be free of E coli and salmonella. To get raw milk, you should go directly to the farms and buy it there.

Cows now can produces 93% more milk than in 1975. In order to reach the productivity, there must be some methods to be used on those cows, which we cannot ensure the healthy, sustainable and humane methods for all farms. As the result, most cows cannot live as long as before because of that. Normally, every cow only reach the high production for 3 years. After that, they are transferred to be slaughtered. Calves need to be born every year, and they are taken away after one or two days old so that their mothers can provide milk for human consumption.

With organic standards for raising cows, we can consume the dairy products after a more humane process. Cows can live a longer, healthier and happier life.

Organic food reduces the risk of cancer

According to many recent studies, consuming organic products can lower the cancer risk down by twenty five percent, especially breast cancer and lymphoma. However, it appears to merely be the belief of consumers without any clear evidence. So can organic food reduces the risk of getting cancer?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho organic food

A new French study indicates that consuming organic meat, dairy products, vegetable and organic fruits benefits our health and eliminates incidences of lymphoma and breast cancers. However, the lead author of that study does not confirm that its result proves a reduction in cancers is due to an organic diet.

Anyway, all health experts agree that organic food consumption can bring tremendous benefits to our healths. That study strengthen the thesis. It was sponsored by public and government funds. In order to confirm the result of that study, nutrition experts are calling for more contribution of the government and public donors. Because with such a small scale for experiments, no strong evidence can be given to change the dietary habit of consumers.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho organic food

Currently, there is one thing that can be confirmed, eating more fruits and vegetables, no matter they are organic or not, can prevent cancers to some extent. Besides, you should also limit the intake of red meat, processed meat and sugars.

Organic foods are consumed more in recent years in Europe and in the US. According to a survey in 2018, sales of organic foods in the US increased to $45.2 billion by a year.