How to apply USDA label for organic food

Organic food has become popular with the modern life. Almost people prefer to use organic food because it has healthy benefits. To reach high quality, organic food have to overcome testing progression strictly.

Above certificates about organic, USDA is the most well-known label.

USDA organic seal expresses commitment of the manufacturer and its nation to healthy product and safety planet.

This article will introduce you how to apply USDA label for organic food.

How much does it cost for a USDA certificate?

As planned for getting USDA label, the cost has been estimated about $750 with structure of organic operations.

About certification fee, it depends your agent where you choose to get USDA. Besides it, you have to pay a sum of money for proving your farming structure.

How to apply it?

Once you serious focus on building up your product into organic from growing to mature process, applying USDA certificate is simple and straightforward. Of course, specific circumstances have different requirements. But in general, the process includes three steps as below:

FIRST, application process: Your product has to be recognized by some dominated agents about organic demand. Choosing a proper agent is important. If they clearly understand your process, they are easy to approve your documents.

SECOND, inspection process: The organic certification agent will make survey to check production directly. They can verify anything in your farm, from zero prohibited substances to production. All things should be correct and truthful as the register form.

THIRD, certification. After inspection finishes, the agent will make a report about your product based on your provided information and authentically testing by themselves. Then you are offered to join an export interview to confirm all compliance of National Organic Program (NOP)

As soon as you make payment all testing fee, your product can be got USDA label officially.