Top the best products to be qualified for organic certificate

Using organic product has become popular habit when consuming. Through certificates as well conditions to reach organic product, consumers feel reliable and loving it than traditional products. In this article, we will continue to discuss top the best products can be applied for organic certificate which you should use it daily.

Top 3: Accompanied with foodservice operations

Organic restaurants or other foodservice are in the trend to develop the organic industry strongly. In the modern life, people prefer to go the restaurant for all meals. As consequence, they are ready to pay more fee to use up organic and eco-food. Therefore, there are many opportunities for restaurants and foodservice to set up organic certificate.

In general, it’s hard to prove that it is an organic restaurant because they require many factors, process and cost.

 Top 4: Textiles and fibers

Don’t think that only food should be applied organic. All products in the world are in trends to remark organic, including textiles and fibers.

In summary, textiles consist of natural fibers like cotton, flax or wool so on. They should make other countless product like clothes, toys, pillow, blanket or other furniture. People are willing to use organic textiles and fibers to have natural products.

To be marked organic certificate, your product should be followed the process and manufacture standards as the regulation. In addition, you also provide necessary documents such as NOP.

Top 5: Toys for kids

Almost parents worry about toys immersed other dangerous chemicals. Therefore, they will priorate to buy organic baby toys. There are many tips certificated with organic material like cotton, wool. It is natural and close to the environment, so it seems no harmful for babies.

The fact that organic toys requires complicated to understand and follow, so you should take care about the origin and material of toys before giving it to your kids.

Top the best products to be qualified for organic certificate

According to the rule, all products have overcome appointed certificates to be applied organic foods. Frankly speaking to immerse in the organic industry seems difficult and strict with many serious conditions and terms.

As normal, all organic products continue to grow strongly because almost consumers prefer to using organic food to be safer and more effective.

In this article, we will share top the best product to be qualified for organic certificate. The fact that, this following list is one of small number for organic food nowadays.

Top 1: Food and Beverages

Almost producer of foods and beverages want to apply their product to organic certificates. Actually food and beverages are potential food to make more revenue for sellers. Day by day, they are consumed with an impressive growing rate. It is easy to explain because all people consume a wide range of food and beverages daily. Therefore, producers invest organic production process to increase profit possibly.

We can list some food with organic certificates such as fresh product (meat, egg, vegetable or sea food), alcohol, coffee, crops, beans, grains or others.

As referred above, other organic foods will require other certificates as well other growth process. It depends on characters and requirement about definition of organic foods.

When you have intended to buy organic food or beverages, you should consider whether this food has been completed enough standard requirements or not. It’s better to choose the best food for your family.

Top 2: Flowers and other plants

Flowers and plants are becoming more popular with brand of organic food. As hot trend, people prefer to consume more eco-friendly flowers for events such as weddings, meeting or teambuilding. Besides flowers, herbs, flowering bulls, trees or plants start also become popular to consume recently

Benefits from organic milk compared regular milk

Organic food always brings benefits for health and mental. Almost people prefer to using organic food, instead of traditional food. In this article, we will continue to share top benefits of organic milk. It is also a kind of organic food.

Feeling more reliable about possible additives

For regular milk, almost it contains major kind of hormone like: recombinant bovine growth hormone (called Rbgh) and recombinant bovine somatotropin hormone (called rBST). Whereas organic milk only is made from milk of cows which have never been used any drugs in growth. This means organic milk should be guaranteed about possible additives in opponents or even free of any residue.

The fact that, many producers of regular milk can recognize cons and pros when using possible additives, they change material inside to appeal more customers. On several regular milk packaging can show on the label to assure that not covering antibiotics or growth hormones. In addition, regular milk is approved not to use drug reside to guarantee about health and nutrition inside. This policy is better for someone not affording to buy organic milk but still prefer to using good food.

Organic milk and more options about nutrition

In 2010, the USDA extended standard requirements about definition of organic milk. They require all organic cattle have to live and eat in open pastures. Don’t keep them inside or use feedlots for feeding.

They also find out that milk making from cows in pastures can contain more conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs) to be good for health.

Actually, organic mile seems more natural and healthy for all customers. In addition, organic milk has longer shelf life than others, you can keep it in the cool temperature in a long time to save time for going shopping.

Benefits from organic milk compared regular milk

We have usually heard about importance as well benefits of organic food compared other regular food. Actually organic food have many benefits and advantages for your health. Because it has more benefits, it comes to higher price than normal food.

This article will share top benefits from organic milk. Hope that you are clear to choose proper food for your budget.

A longer shelf life.

One big advantage of organic milk has longer shelf life. As theory of organic milk production, they should be sterilized at very high temperature (estimated 280 F) so it can keep within 2 months with being fresh and new.

Another side, when you sterilize it at high temperature, milk becomes sweeter and sweeter. It is better for someone like sweet of milk.

Hence, you need to save money to keep milk longer, you should use organic milk or non-organic milk with being sterilized at the high temperature. They have the same functions and price.

Drink up with extra nutrition.

While sterilizing milk at high-temperature, experts find out that it has a high level of omega-3 fatty acid which is a nutritious supplement for body. The fact that, doctors use omega-3 fatty to decrease cardiovascular disease, improve the neurological development as well functions inside body and strengthen immune function.

Feeling safe about possible additives

Compared with non-organic milk which covers recombinant bovine growth hormone and antibiotics but they don’t find them in organic milk. It means that organic milk is assured to be free of any residue.

Besides it, organic milk is not allowed to add growth hormones or antibiotics as elements inside while regular milk packaging still express this information. Therefore, you need to use milk with clean materials and without additives, you should use organic milk as the best choice.

Top 10 organic food for baby in 2019

Studies have shown that using organic fruits and vegetables can bring more benefits for health because they don’t use ingesting dangerous chemicals and reach more nutritional value in the product when using technologies and science in farming.

This is the reason why parents should buy organic food for baby cared and loved fully by all people. If you are finding some organic food for children, don’t ignore this article. We will share top the best organic food which is popular and useful in 2019.

3/ Peter rabbit organics

It is one of the newest products for babies. Inspired about ingredient of Oregon, the producer has created yummy organic fruit and veggie, called Perter rabbit organics. It is not abused by much salt and sugar, so parents can believe that this food is good for baby’s health.

Furthermore, it has eye-catching packing so children feel more exciting about this product.

4/ Happy family organics

When your kids use this good, they can become happier and happier with your family. There are two flavors, including oatmeal and oats & quinoa clearly crafted cereal. They also add more iron to support your children muscle endurable and stronger.

5/ Sprout organic baby food

Sprout has been granted as a pioneer when they use high quality ingredient and method of cooking safety for babies. It is highly appreciated by baby food puree in a pouch. Besides it, they also offer fruit, vegetable and grain blend as good nutrition. Your baby becomes a little bigger day by day.

You also should buy it as crunchy cheesy snacks when your babies are higher or developed faster.

6/ Ella’s kitchen organic

By some surveys, we know that Ella’s kitchen organic is popular with any small kids. This brand is really famous and developed all over the world.

Top 10 organic food for baby in 2019

As far as we know, organic food brings a lot of benefits for health, but the price is expensive so not at all we can afford to use it regularly every day. Some parents prioritize their kids to use organic food because they suppose kids should be cared the best.

This article will share top 10 organic food which are the most popular for baby in 2019.

1/ Beech-Nut Organic Just Pumpkin

It is made from pumpkin which is one of the best fruit for health. As the production line, it has been produced and cared under low heat to preserve flavor and nutrients inside. So your babies can receive the full benefits from this organic product.

In the ingredient, vitamin A is the main so that it supports to increase ability of immune system as well maintain healthy skin and promote development of muscle. In general, it’s good for growth of a small kids.

Furthermore, it is safer than others when it is packed in a glass jar with a natural bright color. It also doesn’t cover the harmful added colors, flavors or additives.

2/ Organic food for baby in 3rd stage

This product has been committed by manufacture about ingredient with farm fresh. They explain that they invest a cold press process to guarantee that the organic food can keep nutrients, texture, and taste inside. It leads to absorbing deliciously in per meal.

It includes in calcium to grow bones and teeth, iron to support brain well and kali to improve muscles development as well as get balance fluids in the 3rd stage of one kid.

The packaging made BPA-free and recyclable is safe when kids expose or play with it. Further it also limits harmful chemicals from the environment. Its packaging is easy to use and convenient for parents when it is wrapped in 16 3.2-ounce pouches.

Features in good organic for baby foods

As far as we know, organic food brings many benefits about clean food for the human life. It is considered one of the most important achievement to preserve our lives better. Because it has high quality, the price to buy organic is not cheap. So some parent only intends to use organic for baby foods. Almost people believe that baby should be used clean and good food. However, you should consider some features when using organic food for baby.

Following this article to kindly understand about important role of good organic for baby food.

Contents of organic

When purchasing some kinds of organic, you should understand content of per organic whether this function is necessary for your kids.

Sure the organic baby food has no artificial colors or flavors. It should be pure and natural because of the component.

Ease of taking

Some cereals are rich in fiber and minerals but they are not eye-catching as well colorful. But almost children don’t like it. So you should choose small packs firstly then buy them in bulk. It can help you to save cost unless your kid can’t get used to eat it.

USDA organic certificate

The fact that, there are many products marked organic but they are fake or not suitable for your kids. So you should look carefully about component and certification of them.

USDA organic certified will provide nutrition based on the process of set regulations from the Government. It is better to choose for baby. You also feel peace in mind to choose USDA organic.


Some people are confusing about definition between Non-GMO food and organic food. Actually, organic food has character and function of Non-GMO but Non-GMO food doesn’t sure as organic food.

The expert points out that food containing genetically modified ingredient is harmful. So you should see carefully the label before buying the baby food.

Pros of Organic Meat

No matter how you eat, meat is an indispensable ingredient for daily meals, besides nutritious food like vegetable, fruit, egg, or fiber. Meat supports to provide vitamin and energy for body so it boost your brain active faster and effectively.

Organic meat, both certified organic and non-certified organic has several pros than traditional meat. This article will discuss benefits of eating organic meat daily.

Pesticide Avoidance

You are surprising why meat can relate to pesticide. As consequence of traditional meat, farmers use food for animal or lands to feed animal covered by smell of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. By indirect way, traditional meat is affected by pesticide.

While organic meat is clearly required about production process like prohibiting the use of pesticide as around the land to feed animal at least three years prior to harvest. Furthermore, all source of material and food are carefully checked by the Government before using for animal.

Therefore, by eating organic meat, you consume far fewer pesticides that can directly affect your health.

Nutritional Benefits

Some claims that organic meat is more nutritious than traditional food with reasons like: improved nutritional value in organic meat or it provides higher level of antioxidants, vitamin C and phenolic than others.

The fact that investigating whether organic meat brings more nutritional benefits or not is responsible for the expert. But it is still contentious. The American Council of Science and Health agreed but the Organic Trade Association or Organic Consumers Association refused this opinion. Actually, as a normal consumer, you can feel a little change when using organic meat. Some people feel fresh and more delicious with organic meat. Further, emotion to enjoy meals with organic food is happier and relaxing. It’s difficult to explain words by words. However, when you feel safe and reliable source of good food, you should use it more.

Top foods you should use organic daily

Nowadays people are popular with organic food because they believe that it is grown without pesticides. However, not all people afford budget to buy organic food because their price is higher than normal food. Further it can’t be kept a long time so someone think it is inconvenient.

The truth that organic food is safer than normal food. Organic food is a good achievement of technology and scientist to boost the human life better. If your budget is limited, I share top food you should use organic kind. Others, you can continue to use normal food instead.

1/ Strawberry

To grow strawberries well, farmers have to use other types of pesticides like synthetic bug-killing chemicals. Some report indicates that one strawberry cover about 22 different pesticides. It is illegal to be applied for food.

This number is terrible. So you should not use non-organic strawberry.

2/ Kale and spinach

As common sense, kale and spinach contain unhealthy pesticide residues. One research points out that a kale sample has about 17 different pesticides. Although kale and spinach is good for health, especially for skin and fresh emotion.

3/ Chicken

Non-organic chickens are often raised in small and tight spaces so it’s easy to cause health problems for these chickens as well people who eat them.

Furthermore, to promote growth fast, farmers usually use antibiotics while they are prohibited to use for resistance health food in the human.

4/ Milk

Milk is a popular food for both children and adults. We drink it daily to get more energy. But the fact that, farmers use a growth hormone for cows to boost their growth faster and faster. This hormone is called a full name like bovine growth hormone. This hormone causes harmful health problems for cows like udder infections, antibiotic resistance. So it will directly affect to their product. It is milk. We need to be careful for choose organic milk for family

How to apply USDA label for organic food

Organic food has become popular with the modern life. Almost people prefer to use organic food because it has healthy benefits. To reach high quality, organic food have to overcome testing progression strictly.

Above certificates about organic, USDA is the most well-known label.

USDA organic seal expresses commitment of the manufacturer and its nation to healthy product and safety planet.

This article will introduce you how to apply USDA label for organic food.

How much does it cost for a USDA certificate?

As planned for getting USDA label, the cost has been estimated about $750 with structure of organic operations.

About certification fee, it depends your agent where you choose to get USDA. Besides it, you have to pay a sum of money for proving your farming structure.

How to apply it?

Once you serious focus on building up your product into organic from growing to mature process, applying USDA certificate is simple and straightforward. Of course, specific circumstances have different requirements. But in general, the process includes three steps as below:

FIRST, application process: Your product has to be recognized by some dominated agents about organic demand. Choosing a proper agent is important. If they clearly understand your process, they are easy to approve your documents.

SECOND, inspection process: The organic certification agent will make survey to check production directly. They can verify anything in your farm, from zero prohibited substances to production. All things should be correct and truthful as the register form.

THIRD, certification. After inspection finishes, the agent will make a report about your product based on your provided information and authentically testing by themselves. Then you are offered to join an export interview to confirm all compliance of National Organic Program (NOP)

As soon as you make payment all testing fee, your product can be got USDA label officially.