How To Keep Metro Pcs On Without Paying Bill?

  • In order to avoid paying bill while keep your Metro PCS on you can use in order to unlock AT&T in your device and then you can switch on to a new carrier where you can month to month on your choice and you can even leave the service any time.

When it comes to not paying your Metro PCS bill, things are quite straightforward—the company will disconnect your phone and temporarily suspend the service. If you pay what you owe within the 30-day suspension period, Metro PCS will reactivate the service. In case you pay after those 30 days, you will not receive a full-month service.

How can I pay my metro bill for free?

Deal Computerized System – $2 Convenience Fee MetroPCS Payments can be paid by dial the number like *99 from enlisted MetroPCS telephone or calling client admin to 1-888-863-8768.

they are typically a $2 comfort expense to pay MetroPCS bill via Phone.

Can I get an extension on my MetroPCS bill?

UPDATE: MetroPCS now only gives you a bill extension of 48 hours. To get the extension, you will have to wait for your account to be suspended. Once this happens, you will have to contact Metro by T-Mobile or visit a physical store for assistance.

Does MetroPCS give you a grace period?

To our understanding, there is no longer a “grace period” with Metro. They do however have a bill float / extension option as discussed at length here. The extension is only valid however after the account has already been suspended and up to a maximum of 2 days. MetroPCS is a pay in advance service.

How long does it take for MetroPCS to disconnect your phone?

The payment date will remain the same for your account, so you may not have as many days that month to use your service before the next payment is due again. If you do not make a payment within 30 days, your phone will be disconnected.

Is Metro paying phone bills?

PHONE: Dial *99 to pay through our automated system. Dial 888-8metro8 for Customer Service. Use the MyMetro app for debit/credit card payments.

How do you pay for Metro?

How to Recharge your Metro Card on Paytm? –

What happens if I don’t pay my Metro PCS bill?

What happens if I forget to pay? If you forget to make a payment by your due date, your service will be temporarily suspended until a payment is made. If you don’t make a payment for two consecutive due dates, your service will be disconnected and your phone number may be given away.

How many extensions can you get with MetroPCS?

Can you get longer than a 48 hour extension on your MetroPCS phone? As noted over at this bill extension thread, it seems that MetroPCS now only gives you the option for a maximum extension of 48 hours.

Can I pay half my MetroPCS bill?


I love the payment arrangement program if you cant pay your bill on the certain day is due, its up to 20 days. And you can split payments too as well. Your bill will still be due on the original day, and that’s it.